Assorted Natural Incense Sticks

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This all-natural incense includes 12 sticks. Each stick is 4" long and burns for 45+ minutes. 

  • Copal - This beautiful Copal Incense has a rich deep woodsy and balsamic scent, like a deep walk into the forest.
  • Rose - Made with real red rose petals and white sandalwood powder. 
  • Lavender - Its scent is floral and soothing and one of the most easily identified herbal aromas.
  • Palo Santo - Palo Santo is a very special and sacred wood from Peru. It has a sweet smell which only develops in the branches once they have naturally fallen from the tree and laid on the ground for a number of years.
  • Temple - Made with real ground Himalayan cedar, white sage, and frankincense resin.
  • White Sandalwood - Made with real white sandalwood. 
Assorted Natural Incense Sticks
Assorted Natural Incense Sticks
Assorted Natural Incense Sticks

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