Notary in the World

This post is hopefully the first of many featuring our brilliant customers at home and at work with their Notary Ceramic pieces. We are excited to introduce the following women whose photography alone is enough to have us fawning over every one of their posts. It is a huge bonus that we get to spot our own work within their galleries. We hope you enjoy these glimpses as much as we do. 

Meet Hillary Davis- a homebody, mama and very talented photographer living in Marietta, Georgia. We are particularly fond of the photographs she takes of her beautiful baby boy, but her home is pretty damn impressive as well. Hilary won one of the giveaways we did a while back and ended up with two matte white mugs. She has since added to her collection of Notary pieces and we love to see how she styles them around her lovely home.

All photos are by Hillary and she can be followed at @hilldots

Kyra became a fast friend last spring when we both attended the Lifestyle Workshop held at magical D'une Ile in Normandie, France. I fell in love with Kyra's laid bet yet chic personal style before I ever saw her exquisite photography. We have kept in touch since our travels to France and have watched each other transition our small business into new studio spaces- Kyra opened a new studio/kitchen outside of Amsterdamn, The Netherlands, and I opened a studio/shop in Portland, Or.

Kyra asked me to make her some items for her new space and I jumped at the opportunity to create anything for her, knowing that these pieces would likely become part of her daily life as well as add a bit of handmade beauty to her gorgeous studio kitchen. 

You can follow along with kyra at @kyraskitchen

Fumiko lives in a beautiful home in Hamburg, Germany with her two gorgeous children, who happen to have incredible style. :) She has a great eye for simple, elegant interiors, and we always get a little giddy when one of our pieces makes an apprearance in her photographs. 

You can follow Fumiko here at @fumiko.pommepechepoire

sarah van raden