Notary inside Studio Oink - via Remodelista


We so often swoon over the awe inspiring posts by the always motivating blog Remodelista. So when our very own candlesticks were featured we had to share!

remodelista blog.png

Photography by Mathew Williams for Remodelista 

In a past post by Remodelista, the work of German Design Firm Studio Oink, is highlighted for its simplicity and attention to detail. Known for their ability to find the perfect balance between beauty and function, everything this award winning design team creates captivates us with it's beauty, and this project is no exception. Each piece is carefully selected for this “Federal-style” Northwest Washington D.C house, and we are proud to be one of them. Featured above is our medium and large candlesticks in matte white.

remodelista blog 2.png

We are always happy to see the ways in which you welcome your Notary pieces into your homes and lives. Take a moment for yourself today to pour over and enjoy this beautiful collaboration between Studio Oink and Remodelista

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Xx Notary Ceramics  

sarah van raden