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When the mother-daughter founders of Aesthete Tea reached out, we instantly fell in love with their beautiful aesthetic, and their simple, clean marketing. We are excited to be working with this Oregon based company, for their upcoming tea shop-to be opening in Lake Oswego later this spring.


The beautiful loose-leaf teas are packaged with simple branding and arrive with delicate tea bags, giving you a full experience as you create your own personal tea ritual. Our favorites are the Herbal Chai and the Golden Milk, which can be found in our clay covered tea cups daily in the studio. Duck sh*t oolong is another new favorite of ours!

“Aesthete-defined as a person who has or affects to have a special appreciation of art, nature and beauty”-perfectly suits this mother-daughter duo, and all of the treasures they produce. Keep an eye out for our ceramics, used in their upcoming tea shop!

 Photo by Kris Leboeuf

Photo by Kris Leboeuf

Xx Sarah

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