Behind the Wheel | A series about how our pieces are made

  Pictured: ’Mac 5’ porcelain clay

 Pictured: ’Mac 5’ porcelain clay

Behind the Wheel is  a blog series about the pottery process. We hope that this will shed a bit of light onto everything that goes into our pieces. 

All wheel thrown ceramics begin the same way, as a ball of clay. We wanted to share a little bit about about our locally sourced clay, and give you an insight into the story behind the clay before it becomes the Notary pieces you welcome into your home and life.

As a kid growing up in rural Oregon I was no stranger to the rain and the mud. My sister and I used to spend hours making mud pies and playing with the dirt and soil we found in the woods behind our house. The same soil was used in our garden to grow the beautiful plants and flowers that my mom was such a wizard at cultivating. We knew our soil was special and I took a certain comfort in the grass and dirt stains on the knees of my jeans. Knowing that a little part of the earth around my home left its permanent mark. As an adult I realized that this feeling of being covered in mud, or clay, is still very comforting and centering. 

Being born and raised in Oregon, finding clay from from the same soil I was raised on was important to me. It was also important that I knew the people behind the company, to ensure I was supporting people in my own community that I knew I could trust. After taking an evening beginners wheel throwing class at Georgie’s Ceramic & Clay in Portland, I knew that this was a business I would feel good about supporting. Since then, we have branched out to Tacoma Clay Art center, another local business who provide quality products I feel good about using for my own work.

 Pictured: Oregon Trail chocolate clay

Pictured: Oregon Trail chocolate clay

The two main clay bodies used in our studio are ‘Mac 6’ from Tacoma Clay Art Center, and ‘chocolate trail mix’ from Georgie's Ceramics Clay co. Both are made in the Pacific Northwest using the best raw materials from all over the country and paying careful attention to detail.


We hope you enjoy learning a little more about our clay that is sourced with care, and thank you for your support!

Xx Sarah

Notary Ceramics

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