here comes autumn

I must admit that I am never too pleased to see summer fade. However, as soon as those crisp evenings set in, the mornings are darker, the trees slowly turning golden, I am once again completely enchanted by the beginning of fall.

I work from a home studio currently located in my basement. This has pluses and minuses, but the hardest part of being in the basement comes during the beautiful months of summer. I feel like I am missing out on the warmth, the sun and the light. So, as summer turns to fall I can begin relishing the comfort of my little space heater, endless cups of PG tips tea, and candles and incense lit all day. I also find that I am inspired to create even more when I am hunkered into my cozy little nest underground.

So, here is to fall and the bowl of soup we will consume, the cups of tea and whisky, the vases filled with orange leaves, and the warm glow of candle light. New ceramics will certainly be inspired by days like these.