welcome to my new site

I decided that I would redesign my site to be a more accurate reflection of what I am working on now. I am sorry to say that I have taken down the SHOP portion of my site for the time being as I just couldn't seem to keep up with the flow of personal orders along side the every growing wholesale orders. That said, I have now linked all of my amazing stockists to this site to make it easy to find Notary product and perhaps even introduce you to these gorgeous stores.

Notary Ceramics is now one year old and I could not be any prouder or happier about its success. There have been some major hurdles to jump over in the past year, but each one seems to make my business stronger and make me a better potter and business woman. I am so grateful to be able to work from home and to enjoy more time with my beautiful daughters than I ever was able to as a freelance stylist.

Please feel free to contact me directly regarding special orders, wholesale questions, and anything else you might want to chat about. I do miss interacting with other adults and this website/blog gives me an outlet to do so!