Alder and Co.

Before there was Notary I worked for years as a photo stylist. Eventually this career stopped feeling like the thing that drove me and inspired me and started to feel like a drain on my family and my time. Lucky for me I had very good friends and family that encouraged me to pursue my growing interest and passion in ceramics. One of these friends played a crucial role in my initial decision to take the leap from a decade long career into the unknown. That dear friend is Rebecca, who is half of the incredible duo behind Alder and Co. She held my hand when I was afraid, she encouraged me when I was unsure, and she began selling my pottery when it still leaned a little to the left. :)

Now Rebecca and her partner Carla have taken their own massive leap of faith, and have moved from Portland to Upstate New York. They are in the process of opening their second location of Alder and Co. in Germantown. They bought a beautiful old house on the main street of a quaint and quiet town, and are now in the process of renovating and rejuvenating this old space into a shop that will undoubtedly be magical.

Not only are these brilliant women the first to believe in my work and to carry it in their famed Portland store, they are also responsible for finding and fostering so many other unknown brands and artists. I can hardly wait to see who they discover for their new store. Keep your eyes peeled for store opening announcements in the new year.

Alder and Co. 616 SW 12th Ave. Portland, OR 97205 / 503.224.1647

Alder East 222 Main Street Germantown, NY 12526